Biometric security and identity for contact centers, mobile, web, and IoT

Give your customers a faster way to authenticate simply by using their voice

Our Voice Authentication APIs Are Easy and Affordable to Deploy

Provides faster authentication for your contact center, saving customersĀ and customer service agents time. Our technology includes voice authentication and speaker identification.

Our APIs make it easy to integrate with your IVR, website, mobile apps, and IOT devices. A perfect building block in a voice-driven future.

Biometric fraud and identity protection at an affordable cost.

Fraud andĀ hacks occur every 3 seconds. VoiceProtect provides fraud and identity protection to protect your customers.

  • Your customer agents should not be your only line of defense.
  • Customers calling your contact center don’t want to deal with a long authentication process answering multiple questions.
  • A better way is needed that seamlessly works with voice to improve the customer experience while lowering your costs.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced Biometric Security for Your Contact Center, Apps, and IoT Devices

VoiceProtect is flexible to be used across different parts of your organization.

Automate Identity and Security to VoiceProtect

Enables your agents to focus on problem-solving while leaving security and identity to us.

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