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The more details you fill in the form, the better results you'll get in the end. Voice artists provided with your insights and directions will match your needs better. To learn more see Frequently Asked Questions

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Tips and advice

Only the first 2-3 lines will be seen on the Voice artist's castings list. Try to list the important criteria for the job. Also remember not to share any data like name of product or company.

Make sure that your full job text can be read within the length of recording.
Voice artist is not obliged to record all the words if the audio duration is too short to read them all.

Tips and advice

Simple directions as "authoritative" or "demanding" can be understood in many ways. Remember to keep instructions clear and to add media (as links or uploaded files) for reference. For example, voice artist to read the lines in "authoritative" tone like Liam Neeson in Taken.

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